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Connect with HIM or HER on your own terms.

The first chat and dating app of its kind, LIIV is heralding a new era in online dating for queer men, women and everyone in between. LIIV provides a platform for you to more safely and more privately connect.The team behind LIIV understands the challenges and realities of mobile dating in the 21st century, that’s why we’ve created an app with an array of privacy and safety features not found on any other app. We believe that all individuals should be able to freely pursue happiness. We’ve designed the platform with you in mind and encourage you to LIIV on your own terms.

Unique features that allow you to be, well… you.

App Cloaking

“Cloak” your app on the homescreen at will.


Timed Messages

Send timed text and photo messages

Screenshot Protection

Because nobody likes being screenshotted.

Message Retraction

Retract messages at any time.

See unlimited profiles

We don’t limit the number of profiles you can view. View 500+ local profiles.

Edit messages at will

Made a typo? Now you can edit messages on the fly.

End-to-End Encryption

Messages are encrypted, and not even viewable by us.

And more...

It’s time to LIIV on your own terms.

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